• Rice University Center for Nanoscale Science and Technology
  • Michigan State University David Tomanek's Nanotube Page
  • University of Reading Peter Harris's Nanotube Site
  • University of California at Berkeley McEuen Group's Nanotube Site
  • Vincent Meunier Carbon Nanotubes on the Web
  • The Nanotube Site

    Other Nanotube Sites

  • Rice University Rick Smalley's Group Home Page
  • Washington University Novel Carbon Materials (Rod Ruoff)
  • University of Texas Malcolm Brown's Nanopage
  • University of Pennsylvania Jack Fischer's Group Home Page
  • University of California at Berkeley Alex Zettl's Group Home Page
  • University of Kentucky Peter Eklund's Group Home Page
  • Clemson University Laboratory for Nanotechnology
  • Delft University of Technology Cees Dekker's Home Page
  • North Carolina Center for Nanoscale Materials
  • University of Valladolid (Spain) Angel Rubio's Home Page
  • University of Sussex Harry Kroto's Fullerene Group Home Page
  • Tohoku University Keivan Esfarjani's Nanotube Page
  • Weizmann Institute Daniel Wagner's Page on Mechanical Properties of Carbon Nanotubes and Composites
  • Nanogalery at Stephen Iron's Homepage
  • Buckyball Database
  • Nanotube Research of Dr. Crespi
  • NAS Computational Molecular Nanotechnology
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    Other useful links

  • X-Ray WWW Server
  • Neutron scattering lengths and cross sections
  • International Centre for Diffraction Data (ICDD)
  • Physics-related information in the Net
  • TeX2HTML - Converting TeX to HTML
  • Techexplorer by IBM
  • IUCr Crystallographer's Guide to Internet Tools and Resources
  • Physics Data
  • WebElements

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